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DEE seriousI existed under a dictatorship in Chairman Mao’s Asia, and discovered that dictatorship produces poverty, brutality and fear.

Therefore to address impoverishment we studied at Harvard company class means of making businesses prosper.

But a corporation is a dictatorship.

Running the company that my extensive family members had possessed since 1809, i discovered that a lot of of owners performed nothing the company, but it made all of them affluent while making bad the 1, 500 staff members whom developed the wealth.

Exactly how could that be changed? I found a means for the business, paying a reasonable cost towards owners, to transfer the ownership to all the the employees. Any organization could accomplish that.

As proprietors, the employees made the organization superbly successful. Rather than making my loved ones wealthy, it has spread an incredible number of weight to all the staff (in addition to their particular wages) and therefore for their families and communities. It has in addition changed their working life: it really is no longer a dictatorship, but an open system which they since complete partners obtain the three crucial great things about ownership: information, the capacity to influence things, and a share associated with the wide range they help create.

Subsequently, i've aided many companies perform some same.

This site offers you use of

And information on my two books about employee ownership:

An account of entrepreneurial courage for sustainability and liberation into staff member ownership


A wide-ranging overview of the idea and practice of worker ownership, illustrated with stories and instances from numerous countries.

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