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downloadHello, fans! Sam through the neighborhood staff here. I needed to have some time for you deal with a few of the main components of feedback we get from our players, specially those who mainly play on web: bots and lag. We all know they are big problems for our players, and we also would also like you to understand that we’re aware of them and are also trying to solve them.

Bots and lag are the two biggest difficulties with these days, plus they are distressing and annoying for people to cope with. I’m right here to let you all realize that we are really conscious of these problems and correcting all of them is our biggest concern. We’re constantly taking care of how to remove these problems and make an improved experience for everyone.

Some individuals believe bots have anything related to united states only at Miniclip, but the truth is that bots are unlawful customizations to the online game, developed and sold by 3rd functions for a profit. They spoil the balance of the online game for all the people thereon server.

If it were as simple as striking a switch and the removal of bots, we’d clearly have inked it currently! A lot of people have suggested utilizing a Captcha to log into the game, regrettably this couldn’t work. Rather, we’re working constantly to find new ways to end these bots, and we’ve already released several fixes having aided lots. Unfortunately, this really is an activity which will take some time. So long as individuals keep utilizing bots, the people whom cause them to become keeps searching for techniques around our security.

We’re focusing on permanent, long-lasting methods to bots, however in the mean-time, there will be something can help you to greatly help us: AVOID USING THEM. We see lots of people claiming they only make use of bots because “other men and women do” but unfortunately this does not solve anything. Function as larger individual, go above cheating and please, don’t use bots. By money and supporting the people who do, you are making sure our task of eliminating all of them through the game is harder than it requires is. We’ve began banning people who are detected utilizing bots, so ensure that it it is in your mind!

download (2)Others thing I would like to discuss is lag. This is certainly a challenging one to tackle, as it’s always hard to pin straight down exactly why an individual player is experiencing lag. It can be net issues, difficulties with our machines, overall performance problems with your computer or a variety of various other factors. To decrease lag on the player’s end, we’ve included a graphics environment alternative on Computer that enables you to miss the visuals in case your Computer can’t handle it. We additionally show a message at the end of this display screen if we identify large CPU load on your desktop – this implies you ought to change the options down! In addition, ensure that you turn off whatever else using lots of your bandwidth – movie streaming, torrents and so on.

We’re additionally working on improvements to reduce lag on our end. The procedure really is underway and hopefully the game is working more effortlessly for all of us soon.

The main thing I’m keen to stress is that we are equally alert to these two dilemmas as all our players, and correcting all of them is our primary concern. Don’t genuinely believe that things like new skins are using priority – we’re taking care of numerous things behind the scenes, and some normally take longer than others.

Thank-you all for playing and enjoying, and bearing around although we focus on these improvements. We’ve got some great stuff coming this current year, including a whole new mode that completely changes the way the game is played. Leave a comment below in the event that you’ve got a question, and work out certain to sign up to our YouTube station, like united states on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for lots more updated news.

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