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Zoom offers several choices to set up a gathering.


The Zoom Chrome Extension permits members to schedule Zoom cloud group meetings straight from Google Calendar. With all the simply click of a button, you can begin an instantaneous meeting or schedule a future conference. The meeting URL and info is delivered via a Google Calendar invite so the attendee can join with a single-click.


  • You may be utilizing Chrome
  • Your Zoom account needs to be a connected Bing account
  • You need to use your Google Calendar to set up group meetings


How To Use

The Zoom Chrome expansion will put in a Zoom option onto your Bing Chrome browser. Hitting the key will open the Zoom Chrome expansion. Click the Signin with Google key to get started.

You is encouraged to choose the Google account you'd like to associate with the plug-in if not logged in. Signing in brings you to the Zoom Scheduler dashboard, as seen below:

The Start interviewing movie and begin conference without video clip buttons will start the Zoom application and start a meeting with a new Meeting ID.

The equipment symbol will open the pair of options that can be set whenever scheduling a gathering.

A meeting is created according to your choices, and all the information and knowledge required would be pre-populated in the Calendar invite industries as seen below. This will be produced after choosing Plan Meeting.

Scheduling a gathering From Google Calendar

You'll be able to make any Google Calendar invite a Zoom Meeting. Once you have developed the calendar event within Bing Calendar, you will observe the succeed a Zoom Meeting button within the choices in your diary invite, as seen below.

Picking the option will assign a meeting ID to your invite and populate the areas in line with the choices you have chosen on your own Settings web page.

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