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We spent most of this past Saturday reclined on a couch with an ice pack on my head, trying to ease a splitting stress. It absolutely was among those days where you cast about regarding inane thing to distract you from the throbbing pain.

Playable in your web browser, or through applications for Android os and iOS, "" is a kind of souped-up, massively-multiplayer type of that old dumbphone game "Snake."

You begin away as only a little worm, obtaining orbs to slowly grow your dimensions. Run-over a human body all you could fancy, but collide head-on with another player's worm and you also explode in a flurry of extra-huge you will find speed boosts, a leaderboard showing the 10 largest worms in the area, and appealing (if simple) animated graphics.

This video game is incredibly addicting, with simple principles and controls that produce tight, interesting gameplay.

Worms zip and churn, conniving to cut off or encircle the other person, desperately looking for those juicy, extra-large death orbs. When you're little, plus one of the huge worms slithers past distended regarding remains of the enemies, it really is as epic and terrifying as Godzilla wandering last through the roads of brand new York. You just wish you're also tiny to catch its attention. So when you do develop big and powerful your self, you had better look out. Everyone are coming obtainable.

Fair warning though: that is one of those games without any victory. You merely grow and develop unless you perish. And after that you probably start once again from scrape, frustrated you did not develop even more.

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