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Mild spoiler aware: This post contains (mild) spoilers for Season 4 of home of Cards.

Another season of House of Cards, another possible gaming addiction for Frank Underwood.

Mobile phone game is featured therefore prominently in Episode 9 of just-launched Season 4 so it almost appears like an ad. Underwood has actually a tense interviewing their brand-new Republican opponent, ny Gov. Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman), although stress is damaged when he asks Conway if he plays any game titles.

Underwood features an extended history with gaming, from playing Call of Duty to strike down vapor in Season 1, to enjoying considering sessions of cellular game Monument Valley in Season 3.

For those who haven't played, I'll allow Conway give an explanation for guidelines:

"you begin on as slightly bitty dot, and after that you consume these other dots to get bigger. Greater you get, you have gotta avoid getting consumed because of the bigger people. Meanwhile, you're wanting to consume small people."

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