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YouTube's Most Popular Games - 2015 bYouTube has actually placed Agar.io given that 5th most popular online game on its yearly listing, centered on movie views and watch time – a testament toward viral success of the game.

Agar.io is a multiplayer internet and mobile game where you control a small cellular. By active and eating small food pellets along with other players, it is possible to develop larger and bigger until such time you would be the biggest mobile on server. You may eject mass and split into multiple cells, all of good use strategies to eat other people while preventing the same fate. It’s easy, simple to find out and extremely addictive.

Agar.io happens to be very popular on YouTube with numerous of followers producing game play movies, including top brands like PewDiePie and Markiplier. Some now-famous YouTubers founded themselves exclusively on playing Agar.io, including Jumbo who has achieved 900, 000 readers in mere 5 months.

On, we curate the best Agar.io movies, handpicked by all of us. The channel’s 950, 000 YouTube subscribers can observe playlists of let’s play videos in several languages, Agar.io-to-music gameplay movies, tutorials, plus.

Agar.io is among Miniclip’s success stories of 2015 – and we’re pleased to see its popularity reflected on YouTube. Thank you to all or any the people and creators that made it probably one of the most popular games this present year.

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